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– relieves stress and increases mental well-being

Yoga as a from of therapy uses techniques and knowledge from yoga, mindfulness, neuroscience and traditional psychotherapy – an efficient blend of old wisdom and modern insights. By using  the combination of asanas (yoga positions), pranayama (breathing techniques) and specific techniques from Mindfulness within a safe environment, Yoga therapy focuses on both the physical and psychological aspects of depression, anxiety and stress.

Yoga Therapy can help relieve:Gallery 5




eating disorders

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

The exercises taught in Yoga therapy are specifically put together to help balance the nervous system and to teach the participant how he/she can regulate feelings and mental states by using certain techniques. Throughout the process the participant is taught to become and remain aware of sensations that may arise in the body. Special focus is put on the breath in order to learn how to remain in the present and to read the signals from the body. Through the practise of being present with different sensations (positive and negative) in the body, he participant can learn how to deal with difficult feelings and thoughts in a more balanced way.

Yoga therapy  is not a forum where the teacher and participant will discuss personal problems or difficulties in depth. This has to be done with a psychotherapist, CBT-therapist or doctor. Yoga therapy can be  a very good complement to traditional talking therapies where the client is given the opportunity to get closer to him/herself through physical and breathing exercises and in this way discover and change old behavioural or thought patterns. The practice of pranayama and asanas also strengthen the individual physically,  increase resilience to stress  which provided the him/her with better circumstances to change his/her life.

I currently offer private consultations in yoga therapy but am also available for corporate classes/courses. Please contact me for more information.


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